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Post by Admin on Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:58 am

- 1.1 No hacking or having advantage over any player.Permanent ban without thinking.
- 1.2 No bug/glitch abuse.Lowest punishment (Admin Jail), highest punishment (Temporary Ban)
- 1.3 No spamming/flooding the main chat.Otherwise mute will be given.
- 1.4 No advertising other servers.Lowest punishment (Mute), medium punishment (Kick), highest punishment (Permanent ban)
- 1.5 Respect the staff team and their decisions.Our staff team was chosen wisely and we are sure they will respect you.
- 1.6 If you have any sort of problem againts someone, use the complaints section on the forum.Avoid complaining all the time and speaking about it on #general channel about it.
- 1.7 Do NOT Deathmatch on the server.Lowest punishment (Admin jail), medium punishment (Temporary ban), highest punishment (Permanent Ban)
- 1.8 While in RolePlay situation, you should not Metagame(PG,RK,CK...).That doesn't apply to newest player who doesn't have such experience with it.
- 1.9 You are supposed to have only one account, if we catch you use more than one, you will be permanently banned.
- 2.0 No racism/insulting on nationality/talking bad about other religions.Lowest punishment( 10 minutes mute), medium punishment( 3 days ban ), highest punishment( permanent ban ).


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